The Flicker (1966)

Tony. Conrad 

Screening chosen by Maddy O'Keefe 

19th December 2020




Louis Blue Newby & Laila Majid 

healthy pink 

12th December 2020 - 9th January 2021




Chapter 6: Uncanny Valley

Ondine Viñao

Screening selected by Freddie Powell (Ginny on Frederick)

Double Strength (1978)

Barbara Hammer 

Screening chosen by YYYYMMDD

30th November 2020




Maddy Whitelaw at springseason 

28th November 2020




Driftwood (1999)

Nick Relph & Oliver Payne ​


Screening selected by William Pym, with accompanying text

16th November 2020


Harry Smithson at springseason


Harry Smithson

November 13th 2020

Passing Glory (1986, d. Gillies MacKinnon)


Screening selected by Gillies Adamson Semple

9th November 2020,  1800

Obsolete in Reverse 

Rebeca Romero 

October 29th - November 5th 2020

springseason- Inaugural Exhibition 


Gillies Adamson Semple

Kobby Adi

Kara Chin

Alia Hamaoui 

Nathaniel Faulkner 

Nina Porter 

August 27th - September 10th 2020

Featuring research from:

Maximilian Klawitter & Nicolas Bakowski 

Sara Torres Lopez

Ossian Söderqvist & Max Landegran 

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