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Animate V by Simon Dybbroe Moller​ (2012)

Screening selected by Ted Targett with accompanying text

Animate V by Simon Dybbroe Moller​ (2012)


Selected by Ted Targett

Running at five minutes, ‘Animate V' by Dybbroe Moller is longer than a TV commercial, but both resembles one and pastiches and subverts some of the conventions of the genre. A parked aubergine-coloured Renault Avantime is the stage setting for an unfurling meta-narrative based on its appearance. The Avantime is famously known for its eccentricity, rather than its beauty (my dad used to drive one and anyone gawking at it, which happened a lot, wasn’t usually doing so out of envy, rather bewilderment). But in Dybbroe Moller’s film, it never looked so luxurious. Despite the car's name, which hints at it being 'before its time', it's very much a product of a short moment at the beginning of the millennium when car adverts were lustrous and sensual, peopled with elegant French women. The film, which I saw for the first time in Copenhagen five years ago, is full of layers – the piercing, crackling, squelching of various appurtenances; burning candles; the cracking of walnuts; and a comical cascade of, first, aubergines and, later, milk – with a knowing voice-over from an unseen Englishman and a partly-glimpsed French woman. Unlike a car advert, I could watch this over and over. - Ted Targett

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