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Pattern (2021)

For and Open Campus (2016)

Graham Ellard and Stephen Johnstone

26th February 2021



Animate V (2012)

 Simon Dybbroe Moller

Screening selected by Ted Targett

25 January 2021


The Flicker (1966)

Tony. Conrad 

Screening chosen by Maddy O'Keefe 

19th December 2020




Chapter 6: Uncanny Valley

Ondine Viñao

Screening selected by Freddie Powell (Ginny on Frederick)

Double Strength (1978)

Barbara Hammer 

Screening chosen by YYYYMMDD

30th November 2020




Driftwood (1999)

Nick Relph & Oliver Payne ​


Screening selected by William Pym, with accompanying text

16th November 2020

Passing Glory (1986, d. Gillies MacKinnon)


Screening selected by Gillies Adamson Semple

9th November 2020,  1800

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