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Arch 5, 47 Martello Street

E8 3PE


Access through gate under TFL Over Ground bridge 

Artists and Collaborators 


Gillies Adamson Semple

Kobby Adi

Nicolas Bakowski  

Kara Chin

Nathaniel Faulkner

Alia Hamaoui

Realf Heygate

Maximilian Klawitter  

Laila Majid  

Louis Newby

Aimee Parrott

Matthew Peers 

Nina Porter 

Rebeca Romero

Ossian Söderqvist 

Harry Smithson 

Sara Torres-Lopez 

Maddy Whitelaw


Isobel Guy - design 

Alexander Ranson - design

Toshidama Gallery 



Barbara Hammer (invited by YYYYMMDD)

Gillies MacKinnon (invited by Gillies Adamson Semple)

Nick Relph & Oliver Payne (invited by William Pym)

 Ondine Viñao (Invited by by Freddie Powell/Ginny on Frederick)

Tony Conrad ​(invited by Maddy O'Keefe) 

springseason is an artist led project space in London. Our programme continues a spatial and material inquiry through art, at a time when the exhibition is in a state of change. All our exhibitions will be viewable both in person by appointment, and through our online viewing platform. Our continued thanks go to Daniel Ross and the FieldWorks team, without whom this project would not have happened.

Book by appointment here

Regia Light font design by Isobel Guy  

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